If God has been Good to you in 2012…

It’s testimony Time!

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If God has been good to you this year, give your testimony and give God praise and you know what?  It just might encourage someone else…

In Luke chapter 17, Jesus healed 10 lepers but only one came back to say “Thank You!”

Luke 17:15 GNB
(15)  When one of them saw that he was healed, he came back, praising God in a loud voice.

But Jesus was amazed at the ingratitude of the other nine…

Luke 17:17 GNB
(17)  Jesus spoke up, “There were ten who were healed; where are the other nine?

Are you that one with the loud voice giving glory to God?

Also included on this page are testimonies of how God has blessed some through the ministry offered through Abundant Life International Church.


  1. Bishop Michael and Cynthia Adesina, Pastors


    Rev. Kayode and Dr. Tinu Tadese, Pastors

    God bless you and congratulations clebrating 8 years of church ministry (anniversay). May you have many more. Also, once again congratulations on you now having 2 service locations.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement and may we continue to work together as we serve God.

    Love and Blessings,

    Bishop Michael and Cynthia Adesina, Pastors
    Holy Covenant Church
    10:30 AM Woship
    Cleveland Heights, Ohio

  2. A.L.I.C is 8! Bless the Lord!

    Thank you Pastor’s Kay and Tinu for your continued love, encouragement and ministration of God’s word, year in year out.
    Being a part of this ministry has been a blessing to my family and myself. We have grown and are still growing spiritually, physically and otherwise.
    There has been lots’ of answered prayers in my life and personal growth in the word and in the place of prayer.
    May the Lord continue to proser you both, your family and your ministry IJN, Amen.

  3. ALIC…. Destined For Greatness.
    ALIC…. Touching Lives with God’s Word.

    May God’s Favor and Blessings continue to be upon ALIC and her members. May God’s Love, Peace, Unity, Harmony and Faith continue to dwell and reign in ALIC.

    Praise God for 8 wonderful years. ALIC’s best years are ahead. Praise The Lord…..

  4. I thank God for Pastor’s Kay and Pastor Tinu and this ministry.

    This ministry is a place where you can meet and experience God in an intimate and powerful way.

    I was blessed to be invited to a prayer breakfast here. My life has not been the same. I am amazed at how God moves here. The ministry has been a blessing to me and my family.

    You can get a preached Word at anytime by logging onto the website. You can go to the prayer wall and put in your prayer requests. The church bible study and church services are very powerful and can be viewed or heard on the internet. This is indeed an internet church.

    God has truly blessed me through this ministry.

    I had a house fire and the insurance company did not want to pay. When they decided to pay they did not want to pay for all of the repairs. When they finally paid we had a problem cashing the checks. A prayer request was put on the prayer wall. God answered and gave us favor.

    My mother was having family problems after my step father died. This almost destroyed our family. The family fell apart. Through prayer God has and still is restoring my family.

    My daughter has nine children and had to find a place to live. It is very difficult to find a landlord that would rent to a large family. She was to be evicted within two weeks. A prayer request was put on the prayer wall of this ministry. God answered that prayer within a week. She found a home three streets over from where she was to be evicted from. She was also given money to move in to the new place and the rent was reduced by $100 per month with no deposit down. This was a miracle.

    All of these situations seemed to be hopeless. God answers prayer.

    I thank God for this ministry.

    Congratulations on your 8th year anniversary.

    Humbly Submitted,

    Sis Brenda.

  5. Blessed and Happy Anniversary Rev. Keyode, and Dr. Tinu, family, and staff!
    Dr, Tinu was so kind to invite me to a Womans Praise service. I was, and still am Blessed by God to have attended. The time spent, apart from my obligations, to give all Glory, Honor and Praise to God! It was an awesome experience. Then on top of that, I was treated to a lovely, brunch, and so enjoyed the opportunity to hear Dr. Tinu, give witness. Beautiful. Dr Tinu, thank you for the invitation . I hope to participate again. With much love, and affection, marcie

  6. Duane & Gloria Miller

    My husband and I are praising and thanking God for His manifold blessings and goodness unto us.
    First, we thank God for ALIC. Before coming to this church we were struggling so much in our lives and we lacked peace. But since coming to ALIC God has blessed us tremendously and has taken us from the “valley” to a “firm ground”. We know that this is a “springboard” from which God is going to catapult us into greater blessings.
    We thank God for our Pastor and Shepherd who has been an example and inspiration for us, not only in what he teaches but also in deed. It is comforting to know we have the trust of Pastor Kay and Pastor Tinu and have been given the opportunity to use our God-given talents to serve God and serve His people.
    We are thankful for the love of God that permeates the family of ALIC and it is always a joy to come to the house of the Lord.
    We have peace, health and the Lord meets our daily needs. He has protected us and our families and relatives from all harm and danger this year
    Great things He has done and Greater things He is going to do.

    PRAISE THE L…O…R….D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tochi Young-Nwafor

    I moved to Canada after schooling in the US for six years. A few months after getting there, I decided to apply to the States for a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I did, and I also applied for a graduate assistantship, knowing fully well that that was a highly competitive scholarship. Three months after I applied, I received an email from the graduate school, congratulating me on my admission into the graduate school. Following soon after that, however, was an email from the department of Nutrition, informing me of their inability to offer me a graduate assistantship for the Fall 2010 session. After staring at that email for a long while, I told my sister about the email, and she encouraged me not to doubt God’s ability. I also called a good friend of mine who was In the States, and shared what was going on with him, and he encouraged me as well, and told me to call the department to ask if they had other avenues through which my tuition could be covered by the university. I did, and was told that there really wasn’t any at the time, but I should keep thinking……and so I decided not to be discouraged.

    I kept claiming my miracle, refusing to confess anything contrary to the manifestation of my graduate assistantship. I had also told Pastor K about all that was happening, and he told me that he was joining me in prayer, as our God can work in many different ways. I kept speaking the Word and believing it, as I carried on my daily activities in Canada. Four weeks later, my siblings and I came to the States for ALIC’s Open Heaven’s 2010, and it was a blast! An awesome time in God’s presence, and as I was leaving, the Word that I received, and that Pastor K agreed with me on was ‘expect the unexpected’! The day after we returned to Canada, I checked my email rather casually, and there it was! My miracle in the electronic form!! I received an email from the Nutrition department, that said that I had been granted an assistantship for Fall 2010!! It was absolutely miraculous!!!!

    I am currently completing my first semester here in the States and God has been faithful! I bless Him for His favor upon my life, as I ensure to use what He’s given me to be a blessing to others.

    Praise God!!!!


  8. I praise God for His continued faithfulness, His Divine protection and never-ending provision for me, for my family and for my loved ones. I praise Him for a job I did not look for. He’s an amazing God! More importantly I praise Him for leading me to ABUNDANT LIFE INTERNATIONAL CHURCH when He did, because my life has NOT remained the same since I’ve been here. My life has changed for the better and I believe and know without a doubt, for all of us, that the best is yet to come, in Jesus’ Beautiful Name. I sincerely thank the Lord for our Pastor, Kayode Tadese and his wonderful team for their complete yieldedness to the Spirit of God and their total commitment to take us to Higher Heights in our walk with the Lord. Last but not the least, I thank God for our Marvelous Praise Team! I think they’ve been great and keep getting better each time. Glory be to our Dear Father Who makes all things beautiful in His time.

  9. When asked to write a Thanksgiving testimony, I balked at doing so because I didn’t see any blessings big enough in my life to tell people about. Where was the restoration? Where was the finanacial breakthrough? Where was my new car? Where were the BIG blessings?
    I supposed there was nothing to say.
    However, at 5:30 this morning when I awoke the Lord was speaking and I just listened. This is what was told to me.
    – We are like the “children” in the Wilderness. We are surrounded by blessings that appear small to us compared to what we want so we dismiss them. Do not dismiss the seemingly small. For example: A small message about love in a small town, in a small room, with a small group of people may seem insignificant to some but it is not. It is a key and a revelation that will take us were we about to go – to the high place.
    Don’t grumble , murmur and complain about the manna. Don’t look back fondly on Egypt. Look forward to the “new thing” Isaiah 43:19 (Amplified Bible)
    19Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.
    – We are about to “cross the River Jordon” and settle in the promise land – (Deut 12) We are to get there through LOVE and WORSHIP (Romans 12)
    Based on the above message, my thanksgiving testimony is that I thank God for all the seemingly small blessings because I don’t know yet how truly significant they are. I also thank God for the blessings I did not recognize – either because they were behind the scenes, or I saw them but did not fully appreciate them.
    I am thankful for the” new thing” of which, part may just be all the “small” blessings woven together to create a priceless masterpiece.

  10. I praise God for His faithfulness and mercies. I praise God for my wife, children and family, my Pastors, and church family members. I also praise God for moving us into a beautiful home.

  11. I would like to thank God for His mercies and the miracles He performed in my life in 2010. He granted my Dad a safe retirement, made it possible for me to go to China,gave me success in my professional exams, healed me of fibroids and migraines, gave me victory in tough situations. I thank God for my pastors, parents and loved ones who have prayed for and encouraged me. I pray that in 2011, we will be bold and confident to do what God has called us to do in Jesus’ Name.

  12. I thank Jehovah God for His grace, for the gift of life & great health, for peace in my heart, for my out going and in coming, For my biological & church family, friends, and for the strength, courage & resources to do all things considered “everyday” routine, Amen!

    I thank Jehovah God for leading me to ALIC all the way from Illinois. His ways are definitely higher and not my way neither are His thoughts, but they are good thoughts…
    Everyday, through ALIC ministry, I feel growth in all areas of my life. I constantly desire more in life, I’m pushed/challenged to do more and do them with excellence. It feels there are no limitations and always room for advancement. I’m dancing in church, raising my hand in praise, kneeling in worship, asking for spiritual gifts, praying out loud (what…me!). At work, I minister to patients, I’m considered a preceptor and charge nurse role (what…me!). At home, I organize my family to fast and pray (what…me!)and Many more. I found my church and a “good thing”…praise the Lord! I know this is just the beginning and I’m looking forward to more growth in Jesus name, Amen.

    He is able!

  13. I thank Jehovah God for His grace, for the gift of life & great health, for peace in my heart, for my out going and in coming, For my biological & and; church family, friends, and for the strength, courage & resources to do all things considered “everyday” routine, Amen!

    I thank Jehovah God for leading me to ALIC all the way from Illinois. His ways are definitely higher and not my way neither are His thoughts, but they are good thoughts…
    Everyday, through ALIC ministry, I feel growth in all areas of my life. I constantly desire more in life, I’m pushed/challenged to do more and do them with excellence. I feel there are no limitations and always room for advancement. I’m dancing in church, raising my hand in praise, kneeling in worship, asking for spiritual gifts, praying out loud (what…me!). At work, I minister to patients, I’m considered a preceptor and charge nurse role (what…me!). At home, I organize my family to fast and pray (what…me!)and Many more. I found my church and a “good thing”…praise the Lord! I know this is just the beginning and I’m looking forward to more growth in Jesus name, Amen.

    He is able!

  14. God is doing abundantly above all I could ask or think.

    Things are changing right before my eyes.

    I am experiencing the tangible and unseen blessings of God.

    Alleluia, All Praises be to God. I thank God for all that he is doing in my life and the life of my family members. I thank God for the preached and taught Word of God that I receive at ALIC. I thank God for the anointing that destroys every yoke that resides in this church. I thank Him for the changes going on in my life. Indeed old things are passing away behold all things are
    becomes new.

  15. Just over a year ago God blessed our family with a ‘double portion’ set of twins. We were not expecting it, so it was ‘exceedingly abundantly above we could ask or imagine. Now you might say but twins are common in African families, or -in retrospect : My mother’s sister(2sets) and brother (1 set) each have a set of twins. But that had NEVER occurred to me, that it could happen to me. But God is amazing, all powerful, pouring His Grace over us.
    Now why I wanted to write here is because I was chatting to my Mum when she first came to help with the twins and she had noticed a book on our shelf and read it, it was The Prayer of Jabez. She asked me if I had prayed it before the twins and I nonchalantly told her at some point I had, which I had . When I thought about it later, I remembered WHEN I had prayed it.
    In Jan 09 during the Daniel fast I had prayed it. In March 09 we found out we were pregnant. Some time soon after we had an ultrasound that showed the twins and we were 7 weeks pregnant. God is AMAZING! WE are still in awe and constantly praising Him 🙂

  16. Frances Asumah

    Join me to thank God for His faithfulness in our Lives. During the last Daniel fast, i sked God for success in my husbands interview in the US and also my exams. The result came out last week n my husband got the training job in the US. PRAISE GOD.
    I also want to say thank you to the ALIC prayer ministry for your prayers and intercessions,may the Lord bless you aboundantly for the good work.

  17. First of all I thank God for a Church where I have been founded in Christ, not in doctrine but in Christ. On the true undiluted word of God.

    Secondly, I have loving Pastors who care deeply for the affairs of their sheepfold and work tirelessly by the help of the Holy Spirit to birth destinies and speak boldly as yielded vessels of God.

    Thirdly, The bible says in I Thes 5:18 “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” I want to use this opportunity to give thanks to God for a recent miscarriage I had.

    Ok, you might be wondering what’s there to give thanks for in a miscarriage. Well, EVERYTHING… I was told by a Dr years ago based on several lab tests that I had HPV that was causing me to have irregular periods etc. My husband and I prayed and believed God and didn’t even think about HPV again until now. Because of the miscarriage, I had to go through multiple tests (blood tests, probes etc) to find out what was going on. One of the things that was ruled out was HPV. There was no trace of it anymore.

    I give God the glory because He alone is sovereign. I may never know why we lost a baby but I know a God who is faithful. Who makes all things beautiful in His time. In whom, NOTHING can separate us from His love.

    So this year, I am thankful for life, I am thankful for good health and I am thankful for new babies along the way.

    Praise the Lord….

  18. Praise God, Praise ye servants of the Lord, Praise the name of the Lord! For the Lord is good, and his mercies endure forever!

    At the Watch night service – 31st December 2008, Rev Kayode Tadese asked us to write prayer points regarding 2009. My second prayer point was that I would meet my husband – a God fearing man, A man after God’s heart. In February – 2009, I met “him”, and by September the same year we had gotten engaged, and had our wedding fixed for December 2010. Our relatives felt we were going too fast, out of pure concern – we were in two different continents, with two separate agenda. However, God had just ONE agenda for us, and He let us know that it will be easy for us.

    We fixed the visa appointment for three days after our wedding. Despite the discouraging stories we had heard about couples who tried what we were about to do, we attended the interview at the U.S embassy. We spent less than 5 minutes with the interviewer, and were asked to submit ONLY ONE legal document, despite the truck-load of documents we were asked to bring, and that was it.

    Here we are today, married, and worshiping together at ALIC. Not only did the Lord bless us with an astounding wedding at very minimum cost from us directly, but He moved us smoothly and EASILY together. Please help me Praise the Living God! Our Lord reigns.

  19. Jonah 2:9 “But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of Thanksgiving; I will pay that, that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord”

    I have so many things to be thankful for this year and I am writing here to repay my debt of thanksgiving

    1. I am thankful for a merciful God who never gives up on me, whenever I lose my way he puts me back on the right track

    2. Thankful that earlier this year I left the country for a routine immigration procedure ( that I had completed successfully and without hassle two times before) and something went wrong I was given no explanation simply that my papers were not approved. I was stuck in a foreign country and I resorted to praying and fasting (actually complaining and crying). The moment I reached out to the Man of God ( a first in my life) and I started thanking and praising the issue was resolved with no explanation from the authorities

    3. Thankful that at the beginning of this year I had two major requests of the Lord and one has obviously manifested God has given me my gift in Mosimisoluwa Akinsanya ( not his real name his daddy thinks it is feminine , but it will do while he is jumping and kicking in my tummy). And the other is very well on its way ( see bullet 4)

    4. Thankful that two years ago my employer agreed to sponsor the process of applying for my Green card. Especially thankful that I have a wonderful and blessed Boss who has fought for me all the way doing all that is required to get this done. Creating a new position for me (a promotion) fighting for an increase in salary and really taking the battle for the process to the highest level that he can. I am especially thankful that this man that has been a father figure to me in the workplace survived heart surgery last year and is now the symbol of health at 60 after many years of living with a congenital heart defect. I know that his efforts which were ordered by God will bear fruit in my life and my paperwork will be approved shortly

    5. Thankful that I am alive today , that even though I was treated for a pulmonary embolism I am healthy and well and the doctors are baffled because they cannot find anything wrong with me

    6. Thankful that the drugs prescribed to me to treat the Pulmonary embolism cost $3200 per prescription , and I only pay $16 per prescription

    7. Thankful that despite my former unfriendly nature some people (ALIC is a wonderful place) insisted on being my friends. I am so thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ you have been my rock. I am very thankful for the Church Pastors their guidance has never failed me.

    8. Thankful for my wonderful and patient Husband. Whom I love dearly and I keep thanking God every day that he brought into my life. Even though you are far away most of the time, you are always close to my heart.

    9. Thankful that my entire family has stayed healthy this year and I am blessed to have a mother, father, brothers and in laws that support and love me so much

    10. Overall I am thankful that I have a mighty God, who still blesses and favors me despite my shortcomings. I give him all the Glory for the wonders, miracles and blessed people in my life.

  20. To God Be The Glory!!!!

    He is the ONLY Awesome Being, and I thank Him for being so mighty, and yet so close. Ever present, ever attentive, ever loving, ever blessing us over and over again! The Lord God has ALWAYS been so good to me…..always been ever so good. It’s simply impossible for me to recount every single thing that He has done for me. My head is truly swimming (Amos 9:13 Msg translation). I praise His Holy name!

    This year, He has, on multiple occasions, manifested the power in His covenant of direction, protection, provision, elevation with me and mine. He delivered me, and many people I know from accidents, sickness and disease, lack and so many other things that are under the curse. I give Him The Glory. Halleluyah!

    However, the most precious thing that God has done for me this year is that He opened my eyes to the true meaning of The Blessing that He gave me (and all those in Christ) through Jesus Christ. Oh my!!! That has by far been the best thing that has happened to me this year. It has opened a whole lot of great doors to me, and it is so much fun to actually start living like the overcomer that I am in Christ! It is fun to confess the Word, truly expect it to work, and get results all the time!! Oh, the joy that this brings! Glory Be To God!!!
    I know that I am still at the beginning of many many steps ahead, but I am so glad that this journey has begun, and I look forward to every day, week, month and year ahead with great expectation, knowing that partnership with God can only lead to Abundant Life and Victory ALL THE TIME!

    I thank God for the Anointed Word of God that proceeds from the pulpit of ALIC Cleveland and Akron. Wow! It is anointedly amazing to sit under the unadulterated Word of God week after week…..just like that. I am truly blessed indeed, Halleluyah!!! And I see that applying the Word faithfully takes me (and whosoever will), deeper and deeper in God, and deeper into the Blessing of Abraham that is mine to have and propagate.


    To God Be The Glory now and forever more!!!! Amen.

    Be Blessed!

  21. I want to give praise to God for who He IS! He IS my Creator,my Redeemer,my Justifier, my Sanctifier,my Deliverer,my Protector,my Savior, my HEALER, my Hope, my Faith, my Trust, my Joy, my Peace, my Delight… my Love! He IS my ONE and ONLY!
    I am thankful that His mercies are new every morning. I am thankful that His grace is sufficient. I am thankful that He meets all my needs, I am thankful that I am content in Him,I am thankful for HIS Word that teaches me, directs my path, lights my way, reveals to me the truth!
    I am thankful that He moved us back to our Church, our Pastors, our friends:our family. I am thankful because God gave His Son, therein this IS LOVE. At the Cross, everything was accomplished that we will ever need. I am thankful my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! Glory to God!!! Thank You, my God!

  22. 11/18/11
    Jocy’s Thanksgiving Testimony
    I just want to give God the glory for His love and favor upon my life. With today’s economy, so many people have been unemployed for a long time but the Lord has been so good to me. Earlier this year I was promoted to a new position at work; the salary was not really as I expected; someone in a higher position who made financial decisions has decided they could only offer a certain percentage because I was hired internally. However, I had to take the offer because I prayed and asked God for this specific position and He answered my prayers favorably and gave me the job.
    The natural work order would not allow me to jump from the position I had before to this new position but this is not how God operates: If He said I will bless you; just believe it and you will be blessed indeed. I made it clear to the head of the department that she didn’t have to waste her time by trying to match the offer because my intention was to take the new position regardless. Since I was working from home full time at the time, she reminded not so many people had that opportunity, and also I had to think about driving under the snow every day during Winter But I knew in my spirit that God had opened a new door for me and I had to go. I gave them my 2 weeks’ notice, called the HR person and before I accepted the position and asked for AVP (Assistant Vice president) title but God had already answered that one for me before I asked; it was given to me. Glory to God!
    So I started this new job in mid-February, sometimes challenging but pastor T would always remind me “you can’t complain, you asked God for it”. I asked God for wisdom and strength… later on I shared with Pastor K that the work load and the pay didn’t match and I needed more pay. I kept on praying and believing God for a “supernatural increase” and in September, Pastor had a sermon on God’s covenant: He talked about how David’s covenant with God helped him conquer Goliath and how his covenant with Jonathan saved his life (I Samuel 17 & 18). I received that message in my spirit; it’s like I heard a voice inside of me telling “go and make a demand”, I listened to that message over and over, I personalized it and had more confidence. The following Tuesday, the Senior Vice president that makes almost all the decisions was in Cleveland from Pittsburgh; I went into her office and made a demand as the Spirit led me; she told me it couldn’t be done because I wasn’t the only one in that situation and also I didn’t have any counter offer from another bank that she could use to present to upper management. I told her that I could only speak for myself not for others in that same situation; also, I didn’t have any counter offer from any financial institution; all I needed was a financial increase. She mentioned to me that she can’t promise me anything because what I asked was difficult at this time and I had nothing to support my request. I was so confident that my Provider had already given that to me and the Holy Spirit had already touched the so called “upper management” to release the blessing. So, I finally told her all I wanted her to do was to give it a trial, and I asked to just tell them that Jocy has asked for an increase because she believes that her pay is not enough based on her work load. To God be the Glory! God is not a respecter of anybody; I talked to the Lady on Tuesday and the following Monday, the increase was already approved and implemented in our internal system; the same woman that originally said “No” to a higher pay when I was hired; it’s the same one that the almighty God used to approve the increase. Glory be to God, Amen!

  23. My Testimony

    I want to thank God for Whom He is – for His unending love, His grace, His mercy; and for all He has done for me through the years, but especially in 2011. As I look through the list of prayer requests I wrote on December 31st, 2010, all I can say is God is Awesome! God has begun the work on all my requests – all of them; and the full manifestation of those miracles is at hand. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!

    I want to thank God particularly for preservation of life, because He saved me from accidents, and from disastrous sicknesses & diseases. He also kept my family & loved ones, and delivered us from our afflictions. When the enemy tried to steal from us, the Lord stopped him. God is also enlarging us in every area: spiritually, physically, numerically, academically, professionally, emotionally & financially.

    I want to thank God for what He is doing in our church – He is taking our church family to a new level in Him. I anticipate great things!

    This year also, God gave me a promotion at work, & a bonus that was back-dated! In these economic times, God did this for me. It couldn’t have been because of anything I could ever do, God did it ALL, & I am so grateful!! Words will never be able to fully express my gratitude, but I am thankful that God sees the heart.

    We are expectant for an explosion of His Glory in 2012!!!!!

  24. Lord, We Thank You
    To God be the Glory for all the wonderful things He has done for our family.
    For this we thank Him.
    We are all alive and have enjoyed divine health all through the year.
    For this we thank Him.
    He has guided and protected us and our extended family members throughout the year.
    For this we thank Him.
    We have enjoyed abundant joy, peace and extreme happiness all year long.
    For this we thank Him.
    God has ensured that we remained employed all year round and even blessed us with a new job right around thanksgiving.
    For this we thank Him.
    God ensured that our needs were met and even when things got tough, He was there with us.
    For this we thank Him.
    God’s faithfulness and His love was ever present in our family. For this we thank Him.
    What can we give God but Praise?
    Great is His Faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies we have seen.
    Lord, We are truly Thankful.

  25. Rev. Kayode Tadese

    Thank You Lord for:
    • My life. Preservation, health, strength, favor, grace, and many blessings. Protection on the road and air during my many travels. The mighty move and visitation of the Holy Spirit in my spiritual experience. Great manifestations of God’s manifold wisdom and revelation; material, natural, financial blessings etc. Thank you for the destruction of every bodily symptom of sickness that has shown up in my body this year. Thank you for opening doors to the ministry that you called me to and helping me be a blessings to so many in our churches, around the nation and the world.
    • My wife was in the emergency room in the hospital early this year for a terrible attack of kidney stones. Thank you for healing restoring and bringing her out well with her bills paid.
    • My children are blessed, growing and increasing in every area of life. Thank you for their growth in love, faith, devotion etc. Thank you for preserving their lives, health, etc and granting them distinctions in their academic, social, spiritual and ministry lives.
    • Thank you for moving in the lives of the members of our extended family. Thank you for my father and siblings are in a better place. Thank you for visiting them this year, breaking yokes and strongholds and moving in their lives mightily.
    • Thank you for preserving my father-in-law’s life and helping him and the other members of the family in many ways. Thank you for my sister who got wedded this year.
    • Our church folk, ministry staff, partners, members, leaders, ministers and workers have all been blessed this year. Thank you for preserving their lives and keeping them. Thank you for helping us celebrate with many of them. Thank you for no incidents of accidents, failed health or premature death. There were some emergencies with people rushed to the hospital but you healed and restored them all. Thank you for our children kept safe, healthy and blessed. Thank you for many babies born this year, many families helped, and many individual lives prospered.
    • Thank you for the mighty move of the Holy Spirit in our services bringing salvations deliverances, healings etc. Thank you for those with manifested blessings and those whose blessings are in the process of being manifested.
    • Thank you for supplying the needs of our ministry. Thank you for paying our bills and keeping our doors open. Thank you for being the Financier of this ministry and paying for all of our operations all around the world.
    • Thank you Father for ALL you have done. You alone deserve all the GLORY and PRAISE!

  26. I am grateful to God for a host of things including the following:

    .He was, is and will be the Lord, protector, provider and healer of my family.
    .for my life, guarantee for the forgiveness of sins, my family, for all what i am today and all what i have been through in life.
    .My family used to be a love-filled and happy family when i was very young but along the way, the devil came in and caused a lot of problems, pain, downfall, in fact so much harm to my family but because of the great love God has for us,He is restoring my family,we are all still alive today, in good health and He is always there for us especially during our problems.
    .for the lives of my parents, for almost excellent health they have and for always making a way out for them.
    .For providing for my parents to enable us go to good schools and have all our basic needs despite the economic problems in my country.
    .For helping my siblings and I through all the difficulties in life and enabling us emerge as stronger and better people in life.
    .For healing my younger brother from a terrible heart disease when he was a kid.
    .For choosing my family, specifically my sister, out of a huge sample population for the D.V lottery because it has been a major stepping stone for me and my family. He has also been so wonderful and merciful to us while in this foreign land. We have found favor in the eyes of many here and this is such a blessing.
    .Thank God for leading me to this place and most especially for my church; very friendly and happy family. It is a blessing because through it, specifically the Pastors, God has shown me who He really is through His word. I have come to understand how God works; which is the Key to life. Every time i walk into the church, especially when i am troubled, God has a word of comfort or direction for me. At times i just feel God takes care of me more than any one else because He is always always there for me. He is awesome. I just pray He helps me to continue holding unto Him because the race is a tough one; my duty on earth is to give Him the glory.
    . For the promised life unlimited (His blessing) to me and my family and for the assurance of this blessing. I pray He helps us have faith in Him and His word; for He is not man that He should lie.
    . For my friends and every other person i have ever met, here and back home, because i am sure each one was sent by God for a purpose and they all had lessons for me and my family.
    .I give God all the Glory and Honor because Only Him deserves to be praised and adored.

    I thank U Lord!!!

  27. To GOD be the Glory for the opportunity given to me to share this “HIS WORK DOING”in my life as a testimony to His Glory and to the shame of Devil andfor the world to believe that GOD Almighty is stil working miracle like the old era and never change.
    To start with, I thank God for the salvation of my life which JESUS did for me through His death and resurrection and paid a priceless price for ALL my sins.[HALLELUYAH].
    The message of OPEN HEAVEN, prepared by GOD,preached and ministerd by pastor kayode and Tinu Tadese is for me.Its was like the man of God known exactlly what is going on in my life and took it to the round table of discussion with God and sat down with GOD,held a family meeting on it with GOD and find permanient solution,the message came into my life, solve the past and present problems and remained there waiting on future problems to surface and grounded to powerder.
    open heaven messages is not just a message but the ‘voice of GOD to his poeple.when i had it, believe it and acted on it,its work.This message open my permanient residience in this country for me, and added good jobs,continuity of education career,divine interventions in any area of my life was made as P.R.N .[AS NEEDED]by GOD up til now.GOD have not stop nor finish doing his good works in my life.All Glory be unto HIS name alone.
    Devil started his devices this year in january this year[2011]in my family as if there is no GOD, infact i question my self ‘Where is GOD’?. To open up, all my days weeks and months from january to may this year was full of sorrow, dismay, tears, angony, and hopeless.if i come to church for service i use to cry, when am with my kids i cry, coming home from work, i always cry. because devil turn every things up side down in my family, it get to the point that i was fainted and hopeless in servicing GOD the extend that i see church as a place and den of reproach for me but the only albedo then is a comon word that pastor kay use to say “God is not the origenator of your problems”so,i believe God will do something.After a lot of counsels, prayers and life translated messages from men of God, we prevail in my family.
    Here come again devil in september,when he plan to take away my life by gun shot and God raise up his banner and delivered me,the bullet was in and out,i was rush to an E.R hospital where i spent 3 days before i was discharge.Along the line, God told the man of God[pastor kay}to pray for someone with tumor, when he made the altar call in the church,i was already in hospital and god send his word to heal me speedly.
    GOD also heal me completely from serve stomachache.
    when its started,i thought is a joke, i when to work but from work i cant bend down, sit nor walk, i laid down in patient room and started screaming i tried all i could to relieve myself all abortive ,i came home, i force myself to vomit and move my bowel either will solve the problem but is like adding salt to an injury,i then call EMS and end up in ER again.thank God the battle is not mine, My captian was there with me fighting my battle and give me victory.
    when doctor and nurses took my vitals sign and my B/P reads192/89, temp was 109and said i will go for G.I surgery i then send text message to all pastors i know including pastor kay and my prayer partners for intervention of GOD.When i woke up in the next day at metro hospital i found in nose O2,IV tube in my arm,and heat tube fix to my legs.Devil lost
    all the battles in my life, home, family and work this year and GOD give me victory and GOD take all glory so i praise HIM .

  28. Douglas and Family

    Thank God for His guidance and for successfully guiding me through my spine surgery fellowship and job search. He never forsook me, and showed up at His appointed time, Amen.

  29. I’m thankful for everything God has done for me. Especially for sparing my life this year. I thank Him for taking me out of a time of depression that I was struggling with this year….a time when no one else but Him knew. I just thank Him so much for restoring joy to my life. Amen.

  30. All Things Are Possible To Them That Believe!

    My sister wanted to get married, and about six years ago, she met someone, and the two of them wanted to get married. However, there was a host of concerns that my parents had where this was concerned, and they were vehemently against this union. There were many days of praying and fasting, crying, anger, strife, and all one can imagine for about two years, and having done all they knew to do in their own strength, they decided to part ways. They did, for about two years (or a little more than that), and then they somehow miraculously met again under the most unlikely circumstances. Neither of them planned this meeting……God alone could have orchestrated it.

    During the two years that they had no contact with one another, God had allowed this time to let them to go through a period of spiritual growth in their lives…… and they had both come to a place of complete submission to Him, His plans, purposes and pursuits. To God Be The Glory!!! So, when they met again, he proposed to her again, and she accepted. My parents however were still against her decision. Being of African decent, parents usually have a HUGE say in whom their “children” get married to, no matter how old the “child” in question is. The blessing of parents is considered very important in most African cultures.

    My sister and her fiancee remained constant in prayer, hoping and praying that my parents would give their blessing. The stance that my parents were taking on that relationship was a big source of tension in my entire family, as we, the siblings, all respected and supported my sister’s decision. Early last year, they decided to get married by the end of the year, and prayerfully started taking corresponding actions of faith and making plans towards their wedding. My parents still refused to budge.

    There is no way that I can completely capture in words, the rigors and corresponding miracles that God did to cause their preparatory plans to have the Holy ease that His Anointing brings. Halleluyah! But what I will say is this: each time that they applied His Word in Faith, it came through speedily. Mountains did indeed move big time. My parents were however still yet to support their decision.

    As the time to the wedding approached, we continued in prayer, and decided to stick to God’s Word, by taking practical steps of love towards one another, and especially towards my parents, while still making every preparation for the wedding. Nothing (where my parents’ stance is concerned) seemed to be changing in the physical, but we continued loving them in season and out of season, knowing that “Love never Fails” (1 Corinthians 13). We also stood on the Word of God that was proclaimed by God through our pastor in Amos 9:13 (MSG), and each time we spoke to her (my sister), we would proclaim this Word over her, and rejoice over it, and then continue the planning.

    To GOD’s GLORY alone, my parents called my sister just about 4 weeks before the wedding date, and gave her and her fiancee their blessing, and they gloriously got married at the end of last year, my father joyously walking her down the aisle. Halleluyah!!!! The Glory of God in the entire ceremony was indescribable…….and God alone got all the praise and the Glory! It was an “overnight” miracle, but yes! He did put all the pieces together; nothing missing, nothing broken!!

    My joy in all this lies in the Knowing that the Word of God works 100% of the time, and if we will have faith and walk in Love (as faith works by love: Galatians 5:6), great results are always guaranteed. My parents deeply love their new son and his family, and seeing all this play out before my eyes in the twinkle of an eye, echoed one resounding truth to me: “There is NOTHING too hard for God to do”.

    To God ALONE Be The Glory Forever in Jesus’ Name, Amen! Halleluyah!

  31. Jonathan Winfree

    I am so thankful to God for all he has done in my life. I am excited and overwhelmed by the continuous workings of the Lord in the lives of his people. Recently, i had a balance of over $4,000 on my student bill for college. After realizing that i could not come up with the money on my own, i called Pastor to give me guidance on what i should do. We prayed about it and i simply believed and stood on God’s word that he would come through. Some time went by and i heard nothing until i received my award letter and billing statement in the mail. They informed me that i was given a scholarship that i didn’t even apply for plus a balance of $0 on my billing statement!!!!! I truly praise God and am simply speechless! I know that this is only the beginning, and what i am most excited about is that i know and understand better how God operates and how to apply his word in my life! I am also thankful for my Mom who has raised me to be firmly rooted in God. And i also thank God for my spiritual parents Pastor K & Pastor T and the rest of my ALIC family. I know without God and these people that he has set in my life, i would be a hopeless case, BUT THANK GOD FOR JESUS!!!! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD!!!! LOVE AND BLESS YOU ALL!!! Jeremiah 32:17

  32. GOD IS GOOD!!!!

    Halleluyah! His WORD is true!

    I thank God for His Word. This has been proclaimed our year of “Wonders Without Numbers”, and the wonders have been rolling in. I was sitting in service one Sunday, and I felt led to sow a seed in Pastor’s life. I did, even though it meant almost emptying my saving’s account. I did it with joy, expecting God to replenish the account, as He does not owe any man.

    One week later, I was sitting in the library, studying, and my mind flashed to all the bills that were soon going to be due, and I remembered that it would take a miracle for it to all be paid off on time. Before I could start doubting, I quickly opened the Bible to Mark 11:22, “Have Faith in God!” clearly spoke to me. I closed my eyes and imagined How Big God is…..(Unfathomable)….and could feel boldness start rising in me again. I then went to my account online, and click, click, click….. My jaw dropped open when I saw that an extra $100 had been deposited into my account…..from nowhere! God used a channel that I do not know up till now, but I knew that it was MY SOURCE (GOD), that had showed up for me in a wonderful way!!!

    A week after this astounding miracle, I received $1000 that wasn’t from any work I had done!!!! Praise The LORD! He’s truly in the multiplication business! I’m expecting many more wonders without number! Halleluyah!

  33. “Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not all His benefits..Who forgives all thine iniquites, who heals all your diseases” Ps 103: 2-3

    My husband (Deac. Duane)was admitted to the hospital on palm sunday this year. In the course of treatment a tumor was found on a portion of his large intestine. Three scans were done on separate occasions to establish the existence of the tumor. After the third one he was referred to the Cleveland Clinic for surgery to remove the tumor. Date of the surgery was June 25, day after open heavens weekend. We started praying and believing God for a miracle. I also enouraged my husband to confess his healing daily.

    On Sunday of open heavens, while our pastor was speaking, ready to bring up Bishop Brown, he said he ‘sensed’ someone with a tumor. When Bishop Brown finished preaching, he confirmed what our pastor had sensed about a tumor and called out for the person to come forward. Right away my husband went up front and received prayer.

    The next day, Monday we went to the Clinic. The doctor explaind that she would do a scan and if the tumor was big then she would do a conventional surgery – cutting; if not then she would do it by endoscopy. Proceedure was over within an hour. At this time one of our sisters was with me. The doctor explained to us that when she did a scan the supposed tumor was very tiny it was very difficult to locate. In the end there was no need for any kind of surgery, rather she sort of “chewed” up the tiny thing and stappled a surgical clip to the area to avoid any bleeding.

    Three scans had revealed a tumor but when the power of God touched it, it had almost shrank to nothing…Halleluyah!!!! God has delivered His child from a condition that could have been life threatening…all praise and glory to Him.

    “For He that is might has done to us great things and holy is His name” Lk. 1:49

  34. What a year this has been.
    I admit there were many times I struggled. But there is a spirit of faithfulness on the inside of me that just won’t quit. Praise God, He placed it there. Many in my family become angered by the way I have always seen things through spiritual eyes and relentlessly moved forward.I still can’t give up even when they don’t approve. I do it not by might, nor by power, but by God’s Spirit.

    Despite many obstacles that appear to keep me in the “same place”, appearing to struggle the same struggles, The Spirit of God “No! I am active and moving and molding you into the likeness of Jesus and you ARE blessed and you ARE experiencing the fulfillment of my promises to you, my adopted daughter, who I called by name many years ago and because of my covenant with her.

    I began working a year ago at the request of my husband. I found myself standing at the same door I left 18 yrs ago when I went home to take care of my young children. My name and my background in cosmetics was noticed by the person hiring and I was quickly offered a part time position because of my experience…18 years ago! What favor the Lord had bestowed on me! The holidays of 2011 passed and I passed over by one major cosmetic company and offered a position by another. I prayed daily reminding myself and the Lord that I could not do this job without His Spirit and his anointing. I had dear loving friends at ALIC who prayed for me and reminded me to speak God’s Word over ALL of my circumstances at home and on the job and the Lord gave me a lovely ministry of friends to worship with several times a week during service, rehearsals and mid week service. I SO look forward to those times. The friends, the worship and the Holy Spirit encourage me when trials seemed to grow worse.
    Meanwhile, on the job, my business began flourishing. I was so blessed to simply minister to those who the Lord placed before me every day. Little did I know, there were situations that would have lasting and eternal consequences. I regularly go to manager meetings for my cosmetic line, even though I was not a manager. I was simply the only employee for that line. At my final meeting, I was surprised with an award for having the highest increase in the region. To anyone who would listen, I would tell them it was God’s Spirit that gave me the ability.

    In November of this year, I received a phone call from my regional coordinator. She explained that there was a position open for counter manager in the largest store in the region and it was being offered to me. I stepped into that position trusting that this was a door the Lord had opened and His Spirit would be as active here as He was before. I was asked to coordinate an major cosmetics event with less that 4 weeks notice and only myself to facilitate the event, the phone calls and appointments. All the while, Pastor K began teaching on The Spirit of Faithfulness. Being encouraged and reminded by The Holy Spirit that I was called to greatness, I gave the major event over to Him to be in control of making it a success. December 14th of 1012, God showed up in a MAJOR way. He blessed that event in so many ways and the event surpassed last years event by 600.00 dollars. One more opportunity to praise God and to share His Glory and the benefits of being a child of the most High God. I found it completely humorous of the Lord to give me a very close support person, who happens to be Jewish. He used his Jewish daughter to be a blessing to me. God does have a sense of humor. 🙂

    In the end of 2012, I continued to hear Pastor K remind us that the year was not over, that there was still time for many more blessings and I believe him and thank him for those reminders. Just being here at ALIC, where I have been so warmly embraced and blessed to be positioned for this time in my life, I can’t thank every last member of Abundant Life International Church for their support, their prayers and their love. There is “Life” in these walls and the Spirit of God is welcome to have His way. Not every church has this. I am encouraged and refreshed this year because of YOUR faithfulness and I pray God’s abundant blessings on each and every one of you.

    See the seemingly insignificant things that God has done and praise Him. He is there when you seek Him with all of your heart. Oh that men would praise Him!!!!

    Happy New Year ALIC family! I can’t wait to see what God’s Spirit has planned for you in 2013!!!

  35. I want to thank the Almighty God..a faithful God in deed, this year I experienced what Elijah experienced in 1Kings 17 1-6. Indeed Our God is a timely God, never too late. He knows what to do and He did it. To Him alone I give my praise!!Halleluyah

  36. Kristene Tadese

    There’s a song by Group 1 Crew that I think is extremely fitting in describing my walk with God this year. The lyrics of this say “I won’t give you more, more than you can take. I might let you bend, but I won’t let you break. No, I’ll never ever let you go. Don’t you forget what He said.” If life were a basketball game, I’d say that God has repeatedly come through in the minute in the last quarter with the awe-inspiring game winning shot. His acts in my life truly have been wondrous, and looking back, His miracles and interventions often came right when I needed them, even if it didn’t feel that way at the time.
    There were many examples of God’s last minute (right on time) hand. I was deferred from Princeton when I applied during the “Early Action” Period, and eventually found out about almost every other school that had either accepted or rejected me before I found out about Princeton. Before I got to campus, God blessed me with a MacBook Pro that I paid for in cash all at once! I didn’t get the laptop until about one week before I came to campus. In High School, my spring semester Junior year and my fall semester Senior year had been so lackluster academically, that between Junior fall and Senior fall I had dropped seven places in academic rank. By God’s hand, at the end of Senior year I had recovered academically and jumped seven places in rank within one semester! In many of my AP classes, the classes the most closely scrutinized by colleges, I started out with B’s and had to hold tenaciously to those B’s (or even B-’s) all throughout the first semester. It truly is a wonder that an Ivy League School would even consider accepting a girl that, at the time, had three B’s in AP classes on her transcript. By the end of Senior year, I had A’s or A-’s in almost all of my AP classes. These are honestly just a few of many lengthy testimonies that have all happened within the last year. Someday I’ll have to right a book and describe them all in detail!

    God not only came through for me right on time, He habitually covered my mistakes. His mercies are truly new every morning! Anyone that knows me well, knows that I have a tendency to make obvious mistakes when I’m stressed by situations. If I were to quantify the mistakes that I made on applications that I turned in to high level schools during the application process, I’d say that I made at least one blunder per application. Imagine having to email Princeton Admissions several weeks after you turned in the application, to tell them that you emailed two of the same essay for two different prompts? Cringing? I still do, just thinking about it! This was one of many blunders, my parents can tell you I’m sure!

    I’d say that the most important thing that I’ve learned this year, and I suppose always knew theoretically, is that God’s perfect plan for you has all of the provision, grace, mercy and favor that you’ll need. Never hesitate to ask God for any of it! Going to college is an extremely expensive endeavor. Besides tuition, room and board, and random collegiate fees, you are moving, figuratively, to a one or two room “house”. You buy just about everything you think you’ll need and then spend a few more hundred dollars because you realize that you had no idea what you were doing when you made your estimation in the first place. Obviously, you can scrimp and scrape to minimize costs, but I must be honest in saying that I didn’t have to at any point. God supplied all of the money I would need and many of the things that I’d need all throughout the summer! If I wanted it, God provided everything that I needed to buy it. The phrase “that’s too expensive” left my lexicon and I saw God provide supernaturally according to and beyond our expectations!

    This period was by far the largest “harvest” season in my life, and everyone that’s waiting for theirs, needs to know that harvest is coming, and it is good! Don’t by any means lower your expectations, because your expectation is a litmus test of your faith in God’s ability and He is only limited by your hesitation!

    There is so much more that I should mention, like how God has sustained me since I have been on campus, introduced me to great brothers and sisters in Christ, caused many of my gifts to begin to flourish, and taught me to put to work all of the faith lessons that I’ve accumulated over the years, and have rarely had to use. Don’t forget that not too long after harvest, the soil must be prepared for the next crop and a season of harvest is just that, a season. Your preparation season is coming too! I have realized that faith is work, sometimes even more work than the assignments I have to keep up with. I still have to believe that what I see now or what I’m going through now is not all that will count eventually. God allows us to go through the trying seasons to purify us and we know that we are coming out gold! Hallelujah! I’m excited to be able to share the full testimonies of this semester once they come to full fruition, but until then, just know that God is working in my life, and I have been challenged to grow more than any other time. The final scoresheet is going to be good! I hope that this was encouraging and that through this thanksgiving testimony, you will realize how much praise God deserves, and seek to give it to Him more and more! God is a good God, and worthy of all the praise!

    Psalms 21:13 Be thou exalted, LORD, in thine own strength: so will we sing and praise thy power.

    Psalms 44:8 In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever. Selah.

  37. I want to tank God for his unfalling love and kindness towards I and my family…I want to tank God almighthy for making me knw him better,dis month…for giving me wisdom nd understanding abt his words…to people around d world expecting miracles from God my advice to u is to have paitence coz the Lord himself said..”I hv plans to prosper u and nt to harm u..to giv u a future u hope fore,he also said wen thou call me I wuld answer nd show u grt nd mighty things u knowest nt.so my people be happy for God loves u nd he is gonna bless u in d ryt tym so neva lose faith,dnt let d devil use u…tank u nd God bless

  38. Chichi Young-Nwafor

    As another year comes to an end, I lift up my voice in saying ‘Thank You Lord!!’

    Our God is Faithful, and Worthy to be Praised. He is Awesome….Great things He has done!

    I am grateful for my Life, my Family, my Church Family, my Friends and Loved ones. I am grateful to be surrounded by the Love, Grace, Mercy, Faithfulness, Goodness & Kindness of our Lord. I am grateful that this year, I have known Him more than I did before. I have seen His Goodness all year round. Every year, He gets sweeter than the year before!

    To God be the Glory, for great things He has done! I know that the Best of God is just ahead of me, and all my loved ones!!

    I give Him Praise & Thanks now, & forevermore….


    GOD has been very faithful to Me and My Family.
    GOD ushered my family into 2013 with full restoration of we thought we had lost in past years. In 2013, GOD gave us several immigration miracles, Promotion in our jobs, and Opened doors to business opportunities.

    GOD has also taken me through different levels of growth, and into a deeper relationship with HIM.

    GOD has proved Himself faithful through thick and thin in many areas of my life.

    GOD delivered me from a car accident this year, and through it, opened many doors of favor, using vessels that He Alone can and will reward.

    I remain thankful to God for the Blessings He has surrounded me with: My Natural Family, Friends, Loved Ones, Well-Wishers, and ofcourse, the One Man that HE chose to play the roles I just mentionned, and much more, My Loving Husband.

    Finally, I will continually remain thankful to GOD for the Church Family HE planted me in, for The Pastors He has put over me. I can never thank Him enough for Abundant Life International Ministries.

    To God Be The Glory, Great Things, He has done.
    GREAT, GREAT Things He will always do. AMEN!

  40. I just want to thank God for bringing me into and helping me with my sophomore year of college. Since I finally decided on being a pre-medical school student, I’ve had to take classes that have continued to challenge me. Despite the difficulty level of some of them, organic chemistry specifically, God has been faithful and has sent people to teach me the material when I’ve been at my wits end or has taught me the material Himself in some cases. Besides helping me with school, He’s led me to an awesome new church called Worship Church, a Spirit-filled, welcoming, wonderful church that’s only fifteen minutes away from school. There are many more things that I want to thank God for, like opportunities to lead worship, to lead bible studies, and to build great relationships. Overall He has been really good! “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His mercies endureth forever”

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