Abundant Life Kids

“Extending God’s Kingdom, one child at a time.”

 Welcome to the Children’s Church of Abundant Life Int’l Church! our Vision is to impart the abundant life of Christ to children from every background and every nation, by reaching, shepherding and teaching them God’s Word in a Holy Spirit-focused, fun-filled environment.

This is our ministry to children between ages 6 months and 12 years. This ministry is separated into the following sections:

  • Younger Children: 6 months – 4 Years
  • Older Children: 5 Years – 12 Years

It is our firm belief that children are the next generation of leaders, and there is no better place to raise a leader than in the House of God; the Author of all destinies. We want our children to love the Lord from a young age and for the rest of their lives, so we teach them with age-relevant curricula. We believe loving the Lord is a lot of fun, so we ensure that our children have a blast in church!

Younger Children | To effectively attend to their  needs, we have them in 3 classes,

  • Bundles of Joy | (6 – 23 mos)
  • Lil’ Lambs        | (2-3 yrs)
  • Lil’ Praizers     | (4 – 5 yrs)

“To foster little minds through creative learning, to come to know the teachings of Jesus, and show all children that they are loved and important to God.”

Older Children

  • Heavenly Rockers  (6-8 years)
  • Young Dynamos  (9 -12 years)

“To provide a safe haven for our children where they will have fun in liberty while receiving training in the way of the LORD.”